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Data Scientist


  • Take advantage of the knowledge of the data science, a variety of contributing to business value improvement of the company in side
  • Support of digital related to project and customer journey team inhouse a wide range of implementation from the point of view of Analytics and recommendations from the point of view of data a problem to be solved in CDO, to provide a new value creation opportunities
  • In-house awareness and presence of the capabilities of the DI promoted as evangelist of the data Analytics Improve
  • To raise the company’s capabilities by opening such as training and study sessions


  • Experienced in analysis and policy planning in solving business problems using big data in the analytics department of business companies and Internet companies, and the digital department of consulting companies
  • Systematic knowledge about data science (statistics, machine learning, AI etc.)
  • R, Python, SAS, SPSS, etc., skills that can be run from the processing of data to compilation and analysis communication skills can convey a high level of expertise clarity to stakeholders
  • Organization of business challenges that leverage the data / Solution skills
  • Latest analytics infrastructure / analysis platform knowledge / construction experience
  • Digital marketing knowledge such as site analysis
  • Experience in DB construction such as BI or DHW PJT experience
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